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A Perfect Summer Evening

Treasure troves lined the interior and exterior walls of Open Space during First Friday's

Night Market, where local vendors setup shops, creating a miniature world of wonders to behold and admire. The doors were left open as we welcomed in the sun and the fresh air, along with countless talented vendors, generous enough to share their work with us. Several rugs warmed the cold concrete floors as visitors received free face-painting and stepped into pop-up boutique shops, and a wall-less record store. In the corner of the studio, palms of introspective customers were read as local beloved, DJ Sorski, spun hit records inside a circle of boxes filled with vinyl classics, accessible for all to sift through.

The Night Market encompasses all shopping favorites- food, gems and beverages. Crystals and clothing were scattered about the room to poke through, as the indulgent scent of burgers and tropical margaritas filled the summer air with a satisfying sensory frenzy. A plethora of talented artists lingered onsite to tender inspiration to those who came into their presence. It was clear how much they had dedicated themselves to every piece displayed- whether they showcased wall art, custom-made jewelry or delicately dipped chocolate-marshmallow-pretzel cakes. The passion and love for one's craft was inevitable. The level that the Night Market's vendors rose to had everyone in awe; their unique individualism acknowledged even simply with a smile, in passing by onlookers.

It’s difficult to say if sipping a cocktail that featured a flower inside your cup was cooler than trying on a vintage leather vest, and it's challenging to decide whether the smash burger was more of a hit than the addicting lobster rolls were that evening. Luckily, there is no competition for what truly matters, which is the quality of the interactions between everyone who entered into The Night Market at Open Space, and the energy within the community that we all experienced. Everything combined, beneath the moonlight certainly contributed to the emulation of what we all could insist was a perfect summer evening.

We can’t wait to share another night like this with you!

Stay tuned for more details about our next Night Market, happening October 21st 2022.


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