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Disco Ball Drop

As the first few days of January pass, we reflect on our 70s New Year's Eve party and can't help but feel a sense of joy for the new year and nostalgia for the past. The venue was magically transformed into a disco paradise on New Years Eve, complete with disco balls, colorful lights, antique furniture and good vibes from local bands Quattlebaum and Call Down

The New Years Eve electric atmosphere was filled by guests dressed in the grooviest 70s attire. As the countdown to midnight approached, the energy in the room reached a fever pitch. When the clock struck 12, the crowd erupted into cheers and balloons filled the air.

Colorful arts & crafts table

But it wasn't just the flashy decorations and celebratory atmosphere that made this party a success. It was the sense of community and connection that pervaded the venue.

In the days following the party, we've received countless messages from guests expressing their gratitude for such a transformational event. It's moments like these that make us grateful for the opportunity to bring people together and create lasting memories.

Now that we have boogied down to a successful 70s New Year's Eve party, we are eager to see what themes you bring to us next. Your unique event ideas help shape the future for our venue. At Open Space Event Studios, we provide the environment that houses the expression of limitless imagination. Our team cannot wait to create more unforgettable events with you!

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