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Open Space Event Studios is a contemporary, multi-modal rental and collaborative event space serving arts, business and culture.

All great endeavors need space and time. 


At Open Space our goal is to provide a venue for those  great endeavors—the plays, the lectures, the business strategy meetings, the community gatherings, the workshops, the filmmaking, the collaborative art making, and maybe even those special life events like getting married. 


In many shapes and forms, we are here for the Central Oregon community to express themselves. We have two public studios—a large theatre room and a smaller conference working room. They can be rented separately or together.

Studio 3 pano.jpeg

Open Space is not only a venue, we are a production house of creative professionals.

Studio 1 is a private photography studio and home to The Call to Create podcast hosted by Charlie Thiel and produced by Ghost Village Films. This is our work place to bring events to life and creatives together.


Want to stop in and check the place out? Come by Studio 1 and find one of us. We are happy to show you around!


This more intimate 350 sq. ft. space is adaptable for smaller groups. With lots of natural light, it is a bright place to meet, workshop and makes for a great setting for smaller film/photo productions. Equipped with contemporary audio visual capabilities it is also set up to provide a beautiful setting for client and team presentations.

It can also act as a green room for the larger productions that take place in the theatre room.

Snapshot_202106154_120600 3.jpeg

Our large 1500 sq. ft. theatre room accommodates larger groups of people for performance and presentation. It comes equipped with an optional stage, lighting, audio equipment, chairs as well as a beverage and food serving area.


If left open it makes for a great space for larger creative production such sets for photoshoots or live streaming and broadcasting events.


 Have a need for some open space? We have begun booking and we look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for submitting!

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