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All In The Timing: OUT OF THIN AIR

For most of Renny Temple’s life, he has been fiercely dedicated to entertaining audiences, effortlessly alternating between actor, director, founder and writer. His zest for the stage, television and for making an impact on communities continues to astound observers and inspire acting students. His motivating nature has fascinated theater and television actors alike, leading them deeper into the pool of their inner-creative.

Temple lives in the present moment, a believer in the improvisations of life. It is no doubt that this mind-set contributed to his founding of WAR BABIES, an improv group once based in New York and California in the 70s & 80s. More than 30 years later he is married to his War Babies co-star, Caren Kaye, and his mission has remained focused, inspiring audience members. These days, Temple and Kaye have been parading their genius through Central Oregon. Their recent creation, an improv group called “OUT OF THIN AIR” returns to the stage for an 8 show run at Open Space Event Studios on beginning July 19th. Temple and Kaye's improv group makes things up as they go, demonstrating how everything in life is created from a single thought, quite literally out of thin air. Open Space will host this talented improvisational group every other week beginning July 19th through October 25th. Visit our events page to view specific dates and to reserve tickets. Tickets are $10 online, and $15 at the door.

Audience members choose their own adventure, as a lot of games are set around audience suggestion. OUT OF THIN AIR’s passion for improv, comedic timing and local engagement sparks Central Oregon’s Tuesday’s nights with medicinal laughter. Come join in on the fun and leave feeling restored by humor and ingenuity.

Learn more about Renny Temple & Out of Thin Air here.

Renny Temple and fellow performer and wife, Caryn Kaye

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